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Healthy You Report In August 10, 2008

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I weighed in for this week and was down .2.  At least it was down and I did exercise this week.  Pat on back to me.  MizFit asked if I was eating enough and I am not, at least of the good stuff.  This week I will work on that.  Thank you very much MizFit.  I will also continue to walk on the treadmill and do the 100 PushUp Challenge.  I am also going to add in an ab session where I will do the plank move, holding it for as long as I can and doing as many as I can, with the goal of uping (is that a word?) each day.  Since I am doing the pushups MWF I will do the plank TThS.  Thanks to all who encouraged me last week.  I hope everyone releases weight this week and gets stronger and healthier.

See below for a followup post please.


6 Responses to “Healthy You Report In”

  1. pantrypuff Says:

    Oh lord, the plank. Ow. That’s one of my goals.

  2. Good luck on your health and fitness plans.

  3. dadivastreet Says:

    You’re still going in the right direction! Good luck on the 100 push ups! It’s taking me more than 6 weeks, but that’s ok! I will finish it!

  4. Irene Says:

    Being down is what matters. You are going int he right direction at least. I am working on the 100 push up challenge myself.

  5. brookelorren Says:

    Good luck! I’m working on the push-ups too.

  6. Dev Says:

    I keep meaning to start the pushup challenge, but just have not done it. I just need to do it.

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