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More Out of Control Showing August 8, 2008

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Today the refrigerator is to be delivered so I get to stay home until it arrives.  They were to call me with a two hour window but have not done so.  I called them and they had a computer problem so no one got called.  The gal told me that my zipcode looks like one of the last to be delivered but they would call me later to give me a two hour window.  Now this might make some angry or be really inconvenient but I have to confess that I was in a panic this morning because I could not find my receipt so that I could call them.  The last time I remembered seeing it was when I was killing some time in Borders over a cup of coffee and doing some paperwork.  My house is cluttered with piles of paper – some to file, some to toss, some to figure out what to do with, so for an organization I belong to, some of my son’s summer schoolwork, old receipts, magazines and so on. 

This shames me and is related in some way I am sure to my weight issues as well.  Today my plan is to take advantage of this time at home to:

  • walk on the treadmill   DONE
  • do the pushup challenge  DONE
  • sort and toss paperwork
  • move white bookshelf or utility shelf down to studio and put my book on them   DONE
  • keep laundry moving
  • bring Matt’s boxes downstairs and sort through them adding the stuff he has in the garage to move on the 11th to those boxes so that all his stuff will be out of here
  • call doctor for Robs prescription  DONE
  • reserve dolly for refrigerator   DONE
  • forward closing paperwork    DONE
  • register for tennis
  • register for religious education
  • put calendar together
  • send for rebate on frig delivery
  • work on Judy’s scrapbook
  • copy photos
  • take out trash    DONE
  • drop off recycling
  • sweep and mop kitchen floor   DONE

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