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A Saturday Morning Meme August 8, 2008

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Saturday Morning Meme


I am: sitting at the computer desk drinking a diet rite

I think: I’ve gotten a lot done today

I thank:  God for all he has given me

I know:  that I need to clean the toilets

I wish:   that we had better choices in the presidential election

I hate: that word.

I miss:  My husband, he is at work

I feel:  fairly peaceful

I shop:  at Half Price Book Store

I hear:   the whir of electronics and occasionally my son who is playing quietly

I crave:   usually chocolate but today it is silence

I wonder: how I will feel when I meet my weight loss goal

I dream:  of peace filled days and cool summer nights

I love: my Lord, my husband, my children, my family, my friends and my country

I care: about people

I celebrate: to infrequently

I sing:  not very well but wish that I could

I cry:  when I am overwhelmed

I don’t always: make my bed first thing in the morning

I write:  all the time

I pray: everyday

I lose: I don’t lose, I merely misplace

I listen: God

I am scared: of what this country is coming to

I dance:not often enough

I need:  a lot of quiet time

I dread: sleepless nights

I anticipate: meeting my weight loss goal

I laugh:  at funny stories


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