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A Really Great Post on Attitude July 31, 2008

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There is a book recommendation in there that I need to go look at.  Loved the post.  More on it later but I’m going to bed now.

I just re-read the post.  The author suggest thinking about the positive parts of yourself and making a list of them so before I get DS off to bed :

  1. I am kind
  2. I am loving
  3. I am helpful
  4. I get to be 50 soon and am looking forward to it
  5. I am a good friend
  6. I am a good daughter
  7. I am a good wife
  8. I am a good mother
  9. I am intelligent
  10. I am curious
  11. I can be counted on

That is what I can think of.  I am a pretty decent person.  I need to remember that.  More later.


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