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Today July 29, 2008

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We loaned our van to Matt and his friends for their annual canoe trip so I am currently driving a black Acura TS and man is it ever nice.  Having been a van person for the past nine years I’ve forgotten how fun some cars can be to drive.  DH wants me in a car for our next vehicle which only makes sense what with gas prices and the fact that we just have one minor child now.  We do like to drive our cars until they drop and having no car payments is of the utmost importance to me.  Now that DH is employed again I am hoping we can build our savings back up again.

Rob and I ran errands and I enjoyed the day.  He was tired but didn’t complain to much.  I found several light fixtures to show to Greg at Lowes.  I did not find the blue toaster I was looking for.  We went to Target and I purchased myself a pretty teal purse.  I just decided that I was bored carrying my basic brown and black bags and wanted to punch up my look some.  It felt really good to treat myself like that.

Nothing got done around the house today except the basics.  I need to make a real dent in things tomorrow morning before we go to tennis.  I will wear capris and tennis shoes in case we go play tennis after lunch.  If it isn’t raining Terri and I will walk while the kids are practicing.

My sister’s MRI showed two new but inactive lesions.  She expected the one because of her eyesight loss.  I think the second one was a surprise but I think it probably explains her needing to use the cane now.  Her attitude is still so good.  Mom and Dad took her to the area she and my niece are going to “vacation” at.  She has a gift certificate for Chili’s so they can eat there one time.  She got that certificate for participating in one of the MS studies she enrolls in for research.  Cassidy wants to eat at Outback Steakhouse.  I think I’ll see if we can get a gift certificate to there for them before they leave. 

I got some lovely comments on some prior posts which was really a good feeling.  DS wants to go to bed so I will sign off.


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