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The Woman at Church July 29, 2008

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I attend a very large church with many services plus we live in a suburban area that has a lot very good jobs so there are always new people coming into the community.  So today, like almost any day, I see someone I haven’t seen before.  As we pulled into the parking lot  this beautiful blond woman in a simple brown knit sleeveless dress with a perfect tan was crossing the lot with her family to get to the church building.  I thought wow, I wish I could look somewhat like her.  I try not to let that happen too often but she was it and so it did.

We parked and scooted into mass just before it started.  The sanctuary was really packed; we had to search  for a spot with three spaces available.  I found one; the nice woman sitting on the end moved way down so that DH, DS and I plus another woman could be seated.  Now, who do you think was sitting directly in front of my DH?  Oh yes, the beautiful woman in brown.  I felt so bad for him, having to be so close to her.  I know DH is a visual guy — what man isn’t.  He spent most of the service with his eyes closed because he is so faithful; such a godly man.  I tried to not notice her and to remind myself that she isn’t perfect that she has her share of problems and heartaches just as we all do.  I prayed that God would let me be my version of beautiful a year from now so that I wouldn’t have to feel this envy.  I asked God for forgiveness for letting myself get in this shape, for not looking like the woman my husband deserves to have for his mate and  for help in getting myself under control.

It wasn’t just this woman was beautiful but she also appeared to be very good mom which made her all that much more attractive.  I truly hope God richly blesses her and I pray for any problems or concerns she has in her life.  I also pray that she and her family enjoy a beautiful relationship with our Lord.

Peace be with you.


3 Responses to “The Woman at Church”

  1. Felicia Says:

    Welcome to the Healthy You Challenge!!

    Have a WONDERFUL day!

  2. Shanna Says:

    First of all, the biggest difference between you and “the girl in brown” CONFIDENCE! It made me so sad when you said DH had to keep his eyes closed, is that really how you feel? Obviosly, you are a religious person, so I am going to tell you how I see it. Never, ever, let someone have that much control over you! Don’t ever, ever feel like you “do not look like the woman [your] husband deserves to have for his mate” You are a daughter of a King, you are a princess and you need to start treating yourself as such. When you begin to feel this way I want you to remember that those thoughts, those whispers in your ear, are the enemy, pushing you down farther and farther. Do not allow it! When you start feeling that way, you need to pray. Thank God for the body he has blessed you with. Thank Him for giving you the knowledge that you must start treating your body like a temple. Thank Him for the strength he is giving you to start moving your body and changing your lifestyle. Thank him for everything that has brought you to this place in your life, for that is exactly what has made you who you are! Ask Him to guide you and that your reflection shows the goodness and joy he has brought into your life, for that is the true measure of a Godly woman!

    Have you ever read anything by “Joyce Meyers”. If not, google her! I think you would learn alot from this woman! Especially the book, “Anxious for Nothing!”.

    Please know, this is all coming from a fellow princess 😉
    It is coming from my heart and is out of love. I really hope it helps! Good Luck!

  3. Annette Says:

    great post……..great attitude. I have been you before……you can’t help but be a little envious. Sometimes I wonder how I got such a great guy who loves me any size. Welcome to HYC!

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