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What Works For Me July 27, 2008

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I’ve been reading Rocks in My Dryer for several months and finally have decided to enter that world myself. 

The tip:  I have spent years buying plastic storage containers and then replacing them because they got stained, I lost the lid, the lid melted in the dishwasher, it cracked, it started peeling and so on.   When I started recycling, thanks to the encouragement of my youngest son, I began to think about what else I could use; and then it hit me.  I buy glass jars of pasta sauce, salsa, mayo, jelly etc.  Why couldn’t I reuse those?  No reason whatsoever!  I washed them, peeled off the label and inside go whatever leftover I have.  The clear glass makes it very visible and I’ve noticed that we are using them up better than before.  Perhaps because we can SEE inside them.

So there you go, two frugal tips in one:  1. stop buying plastic, use the glass jars you already own and   2. use up your leftovers rather than tossing them out after you forgot what was in there.  This works for me.


4 Responses to “What Works For Me”

  1. thereluctantcaterpillar Says:

    good idea! thanks!

  2. Lisa Says:

    Great idea! Doesn’t that happen to everyone? Also, your wonderful tip helps the environment. Thanks!

  3. Emily Says:

    I love this. My mom advised me to start doing it after we learned of all the horrible chemicals in plastic that can leach into your food. This is especially true at high temperatures (dishwasher and microwave) and when washed repeatedly, don’t have to worry about that with glass!

  4. This is so simple and obvious that I am embarrassed we haven’t been doing this.

    The Marketing Machine comes along and tells us we need to buy separate food storage items and we just toss our hard-earned money at them. How foolish.

    The other nice thing about jars is that often the lids are interchangeable, so if they get separated from their originals, who cares?

    I’ll be changing my rountines. Thanks.

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