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Wandering Mind July 24, 2008

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Letting my mind wander to things I probably otherwise would not notice or think about.

    1.  My favorite movie of all times is The Big Chill – great music and great actors.   

    2.  My favorite car was my little blue Saturn.  I loved that car.

    3.  I did not enjoy high school.

    4.  I love to read.

    5.  I spend entirely too much money on chocolate and magazines.

    6.  I am a convert to Catholicism – April, 2001.

    7.  I have two children.  One is 23 and the other is 9.  They are both boys.  I love boys. 

    8.  I will be 50 in less than two  months.

    9.  I love, love, love my husband.

   10. My parents are the best.

   11. My family picks up strays – people not animals.

   12. I DVR LOST, CSI NY, NCIS (I see a pattern here).

   13. I like to shop at Goodwill for things for my home.


2 Responses to “Wandering Mind”

  1. Laura Says:

    Welcome to T13! We pick up stray people, too! Great list!!

  2. Chris Says:

    Welcome to the meme, happy TT!

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