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Half Price Bookstore July 23, 2008

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Words cannot express how much I love this store; because words cannot express how much I love books. 

I found myself with time to myself today — DS actually had a playdate at someone else’s home.  I am too nice sometimes, yes I am. 

Anyway, I had a coupon burning a hole in my coupon holder.  I had used one yesterday and got this book that I love and had been wanting to find in the hardbound edition.  I had never seen it that way; only in paperback.  Then, there it was!  I quickly and gleefully snatched it off the shelf and it was mine for less than $7.00!

 Today, I went to the other Half Price Bookstore near me to look for another specific book that an author I previously enjoyed had written. Off I marched to the H section of Fiction Literature hardbound and there it was.  No, not the book I was looking for but the book that had originally led me to that author. . .and it was hardbound and in great condition. My copy was an old crappy paperback.   I was so excited; but I played it cool.  I slid the book off the shelf like I knew it would be there and purposefully walked to the children’s section of the store where I found this book for my son.  He has been reading these books about the Presidents (very enjoyable and informative I might add – easy reading with some funny thrown in), anyway I found a book about first ladies that has interesting information about them that I thought would go right along with what he was currently reading. 

I paid for DS book with his gift certificate from the store’s reading program and paid for my discounted used book.  Two books for under $7.00 priceless and it works for me.  Plus, I will add my crappy paperback copy of Isabel’s Daughter and my not so crappy paperback copy of The Secret Lifes of Bees to my bag of books to sell back to the Half Price Bookstore and make a little money to indulge in my not so secret passion with books.  Now that really works for me!


One Response to “Half Price Bookstore”

  1. Beverly Says:

    Thanks for stopping by & leaving a comment. I love books also. I guess that is why I have an Online Christian Bookstore.

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