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Housekeeping Helps July 22, 2008

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I previously wrote about my lack of interest in housekeeping skills.  I have thought about how I can implement a better, more organized system into my life without it being overbearing and making me resentful.  I know I a big baby.  I intend to write up a list of things to do in each room, laminate it and check them off as I do them. 

I have started my son “blessing his bed” which means making his bed but it becomes so much more lovely saying it that way.  I would like to be able to view my keeping of my home as blessing my home.  This comes to me via a friend who is doing the flylady system.  That system seems too advanced to me.  I am really, really stubborn about being told what to do this issue.

Disclaimer:  I don’ want anyone reading this to thing we live in a pit.  We have a very nice home but some areas are cluttered more than others, there is no system to when a floor, a toilet, a cupboard, or a room gets cleaned.  If I feel like it I do it; if not I don’t.  My system to date has been if it bothers you then you clean it.  Not really the blessing of a home as I would want it to be.


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