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Oh My Gosh July 21, 2008

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I received a call from the jeweler that my DH bought my wedding ring set from.  I had taken the ring in to get it repaired as it looked and felt like one of the prongs had really worn down.  DH wanted me to get it appraised too for insurance purposes.  Anyway, the lady said that my diamond was chipped but because they didn’t notice it when the took it in they would replace it with the same CCC stone unless that particular stone had sentimental value to me.  It didn’t.  So, I’m getting a brand new diamond which is great but I was distressed as to how it could have gotten chipped.  The lady said that diamonds aren’t indestructible and since the prong was worn down it may have made it vulnerable to being chipped.  I was thinking about this afterwards and remembered that I fell really hard last summer on vacation and wonder if that is when all this happened.  I am so glad I finally took it in (why did I wait so long after I noticed it!) and I am VERY grateful they didn’t notice this when I brought it in, otherwise I would have a damaged stone the rest of my life.


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