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Matt Bought a House July 20, 2008

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Matt, #1 DS, in birth order not love order cuz in love order DH and DSs are all bunched up there together; anyway he bought a house with a buddy!  I can’t believe it.  At age 23 there is no way I would have been so brave to have done it really I wouldn’t have even thought about it. 

 DH has a brokers license which he needed for a previous job so he was able to help show them houses in a professional capacity not a “dad” capacity.  The guys really appreciated all he did for them, all he pointed out to them and all the help he was with the contract.  I get to go see the place on Tuesday evening and I’m looking forward to it.  They close on August 19th which means that DS will have to find a place to sleep for three weeks – Kansas in the summer too hot to sleep in the car so I don’t know what he will do.  With gas prices I don’t know that he can afford to commute from here.  He’ll figure something out.

The house is a four bedroom.  They intend to rent out one if not both of those rooms which will help with the payment.  DS is just glad to have somebody to share the cable and utility bills with.  We plan to give them our 17 year old refrigerator so I’m going to get a new one! which is a yay! except we went to look at them last night and they are expensive (who knew) and ugly.  Stainless is in but there were fingerprints galore all over those things and our home is not a modern type place it is much more traditional.  We have a problem.   Did I mention that my son bought a house?!!!


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