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A Good Day July 1, 2008

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Today’s Regnum Christi reading included the resolution to go receive the Eucharist today.  I had already decided when we woke up that we would be going to Mass today.  I love how God works. 

Afterwards we ran errands including dropping off a donation to Goodwill, shopping in Goodwill (purchased an unusual small brown ceramic lamp and a small rectangular bowl that was also brown ceramic); then on to the Half Price Bookstore where I finally found a hardback copy of Nora Roberts Montana Sky.  I have been looking for this for probably six years.  That was the very first Nora Roberts book I read and I really enjoyed it — it was a very different read than what I had been reading at the time.  Since then, I’ve read some of her other books but none of them have impacted me like this one.  I also found a Kids Concordance which Rob and I will greatly enjoy as well as a biography on John F Kennedy by Kaplan that I think Rob will enjoy.  After that it was on to Lifeway Bookstore — I had never been there and will probably not ever go again but I did find the book I was looking for in the bargain section (Praying the Bible with Your Family by David and Heather Kopp).  Again I think Rob an I will really enjoy this.  About Lifeway Bookstore, as well as any other Christian bookstore that totally ignores Mary.  You know Mary (not the Mary who annoyed Martha and not Mary Magdelene) but Mary; the MOTHER of Jesus.  Having come from the Baptist faith converting to the Catholic faith and finally understanding the devotion Catholics have to Mary I just think shame, shame on those who ignore the mother of Jesus.  What is God going to say to those who have neglected his mother so?  I don’t know but I am very glad that I won’t have to find out first hand.  I could really go on and on about this but I will stop here.  I am very grateful to have learned that this store might be selling this book in their bargain center and I am sure Rob and I will benefit greatly from it; for that I am grateful.


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