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About Today June 23, 2008

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Today, Rob had tennis.  After that I asked Terri and Jeff to go out to eat at Buffalo Wild Wings and we did.  It was nice to actually just sit and visit with her rather than our usual harried dropping off/picking up deal.  She took the kids to the pool while I ran errands (although I found out later that she ran errands first too, so, I don’t feel too bad). 

One of my errands was a trip to CVS to drop off a prescription and pick up some things on sale and/or things we needed.  I spent alot but this is what I got:

  1. 1 Cascade   $2.99 (used .25 off coupon)
  2. 2 J&J Baby Shampoo $2.50 each (used 2 $1.00 off coupons)
  3. 1 Heinz Ketchup (brand loyal) $2.00
  4. 1 Miracle Whip (brand loyal) $2.00
  5. 2 packs Duracell batteries AA $5.29 each for 8 (used 2 $1.00 off coupons)
  6. 1 8 roll Bounty Basic paper towels $5.49
  7. 1 12 roll double ply Carmin TP $5.99 (.25 coupon)
  8. 1 Reach floss refill $4.99
  9. CVS brand Zyrtec 60 count $13.19
  10. CVS alcohol $1.69
  11. Used a $3.00 off CVS coupon
  12. and a $10.00 off purchase over $50.00 coupon that I got for buying 5 Kerasal foot creams that I just now noticed they charged me $10.00 too much for so I’ll be fixing that tomorrow when I go get the prescription I dropped off
  13. Cash out of pocket $86.04 (yes that is alot, however all of that I would have purchased anyway and they should owe me $10.00 for the Kerasal and I still have a $10.00 EB

Then I went to Hen House and purchased my Eggland Eggs, Fiber One Honey Cluster cereal, generic saltines and 4 bottles of Diet Rite. 

I drove home, called Mom about Terri’s neighbors parents, we visited about Cassidy, Pam and Kathleen.  Then I drove to the pool where we sat and watched the boys play until 5:00 p.m. 

Steve is coming over tonight and I have encourage Greg to take Rob and he out to eat for Steve’s birthday.  I will got to Borders because I have a coupon burning a hole in my pocket.  I will take my list of books I want to read so I get something I want rather than just picking up any ole thing.

I still need to move laundry around, empty the dishwasher and put away my purchases from today but it has been a fairly good day.


From Regnum Christi

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Dialogue with Christ: “CHRIST: My child, do not be curious nor concern yourself with useless cares. What is this or that to you? What difference does it make whether this person is good or bad, or whether one acts or speaks this way or that? You do not have to answer for others, but you must give an account of yourself” (Thomas à Kempis,  The Imitation of Christ, Book III, Chapter 24).


I’m So Excited June 22, 2008

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DH and I talked today about whether he needed my large table on not for his motorcycle project.  He doesn’t so I am going to clear it off, clear off the shelves in the garage an put that on top of my table so I have a place to put my beloved books an other precious things.  It won’t match or anything but at least it will be a way to help me get organized and give me a place to get things done.  If he doesn’t need it every then we will either paint it all so it matches or get rid of it and replace it with something smaller and more appropriate.

I’m going to clean out under the vanities in the bathrooms and utilize that space better.  It will store the extra toilet paper, paper towels, wet wipes, toothpaste, shampoo, etc.  That stuff will come out of the garage (from off the shelves).  I’m going to move the old wagon to the space where the shelves were and make that into my recycling area.

DH is going to get started rebuilding his motorcycle which is exciting.  I hope it goes well and easily.  After that gets done, he will clean up all the tools, etc that are laying around and we are going to repaint the cabinets and perhaps add two more.  In those we will store the two liters of diet rite that we buy when on sale.

The other thing I’m going to do is start my own paper journal of clippings, ideas etc.  I got this idea from another blogger, By Sun and Candlelight.  I’ve attempted to do such things in the past but have felt foolish for doing it because I never seemed to figure out how to do it so it was useful.  I believe her ideas have helped me with a plan for that, a way to store them and how to remember what is in them.  Very pleased.

I also stumbled upon a blog late last night on a woman’s weight loss journey.  It was very well done and informative; not in the this is what I ate each day way but more a journey via photos and words where she’d been in her journey.  I have to say that it gave me some hope.  The blog is here.

I also asked for an Orientation Packet from The Light Weigh.  I am considering starting a group or joining one if they can find a local one that work me into their group.  I’ve got mixed feelings about whether I want to start my own or join one.  The advantage to doing it on my own would be I could control when it would be, where it would be and it would make me accountable for following through with it.  The disadvantage would be it would be one more responsibility I was taking on and I may not get anyone to attend which would be a bummer.


To Do June 20, 2008

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  1. Bless house                                     DONE
  2. Make menu
  3. Do devotions
  4. Go to noon mass                              DONE
  5. Pick up Greg’s prescription              DONE
  6. Wash car
  7. Make water balloons
  8. Call Coni                                      DONE
  9. Type up by laws                            DONE
  10. Wash hair                                      DONE
  11. Buy frozen fruit                             DONE
  12. Cut up cantaloupe                         DONE
  13. Order KCSTAR online                     DONE

Rob Reading to Me

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We’ve been keeping a book in the van so that when we are out and about, Rob can read to me.  The idea behind this is to instill a love of reading, share with him, keep his reading skills up, stop him from constantly playing the DS and earning him some books.  We are doing the Half Price Book Store program as well as the Barnes and Noble program this summer.  We spent about an hour at Half Price Books the other day.  I found a Shakespere for Kids but for $1.00 and a Half Magic book for $1.00 as well as Drawing with your Chidren for $6.98 plus some travel guides from National Geographic and Fodors.  DH wants me to plan a vacation.  I love books.  I do not have enough bookshelves in my home.  This is a problem.



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I really got caught up in the CVS rewards card thing and started trying to make money or spend next to nothing.  I’ll admit that I loved having those EBS and handing those to the clerks instead of cash but I did not like that I was buying things just to buy them to make money to buy other things.  I was becoming a nervous wreck about the whole thing; so I’ve decided to stop.  I am going back to my normal way of shopping which is buying only what we need, using the coupons that print off as I need the and using any other coupons I might have.  When I get the $10.00 off $50.00 coupons I am going to continue to use those if I have a birthday or gift giving situation come up as that definitely helps but only if the things we really need get me to the $50.00 limit. 

I don’t know when the next seasonal EBS come out but it should be soon.  I should be getting around $15.00 I think so that will be nice.  I think I’m going to see if I can buy a CVS gift card with that so I don’t lose track of expiration dates.  I’m trying to uncomplicate my life.


From Regnum Christi

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Petition: Lord, teach me to pray!

1. Talking with God
Prayer is an deeply personal conversation with God. It is not a public stage on which we parade our piety. Like two lovers sharing their dreams, hopes and sorrows in the quiet of their own company, so too must we draw off to the “inner room” of our soul, close the door by shutting out all our distractions, and talk to our Heavenly Father in the secret of our heart.

2. Abba, Father
“This is how you are to pray.” It is not often in the Gospel that Jesus is so categorical. In the Our Father he has given us the perfect prayer: First we, as his family and children, praise God’s name and ask for his kingdom of love and justice to arrive. This will come principally through his will being done by all of us. Then we ask that all may have the material and spiritual, Eucharistic bread we need. Finally, we pray for his forgiveness and protection.