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Today June 26, 2008

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I got up earlier than normal, showered and washed my hair, stripped the sheets, put up some laundry and headed downstairs for breakfast which was egg toast.  I then spent some time on the computer looking up ads for shopping, made my to do list, woke Rob and got him breakfast.

We then went to tennis where he did real well.  After tennis we went to the 1/2 price bookstore to turn in his reading card.  I found a book from the Jan Karon series for $1.00 and Rob found a Pokemon book for $2.48.  I ended up getting out of there for under $1.00.  We were hungry so we went to Mr. Goodcents.  I just love visiting with this dear little guy.  We stopped next at Borders where I used my 30% off coupon for YOU on a Diet.  Next, we went to WalMart where we bought potatoes, diet rite, folders for TOPS, and some Fiber One bars.  Then on to CVS to pick up a prescription and drop one off.  With our insurance change I had to pay over $300.00 for one month of medication.  Good golly.  I’m glad that it goes toward our deductible and that it may soon be paid for.  DH said that this insurance would end up being a better deal for us than the other one offered so I’ll have to trust him on that.  Anyway I also picked up three Aleve, 20 counts for $2.99 and used $1.00 off coupon so that was good I guess and we found some new goggles for Rob.   Then it was on to Office Max where Rob copied his little heart out for me, it was a joy to watch him work those machines.  I’m glad he was there because I didn’t know how to two side copy something.  I was able to use my 15% off printing coupon so I saved TOPS some money.  Then we finally got to head home.

I told Rob about how when Matt was young like him I would work all day and then pick him up from daycare and have to run all my errands afterwards.  We wouldn’t get home until 7:00 or 8:00 sometimes.  He asked if my other husband had and job and I explained to him that he did but that it didn’t pay much and we didn’t feel like we could live with just one salary.  In retrospect we probably could but neither of us thought about it.  I feel so badly that I couldn’t give Matt this life; Rob said as we were walking that he felt bad for Matt. 

Anyway good, busy day; off to talk to DH.  Still have to do laundry, finish bylaws and load up new folders.


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