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Cleaning Up, Sorting, Making Decisions and Purging June 24, 2008

Filed under: Organization — alwayswithme @ 5:30 pm

Today I spent some time cleaning out my e-mail files, my bookmark section and my blog.  I still have a bunch to do, but it is a start. 

Got the shelf in the garage cleaned off except for the donation stuff.  Next I need to get the studio desk cleaned off then DH can move the shelf in there and I can put my books and things on it.  I need to brainstorm what I’m going to put on it.

I joined The YOU on a Diet site today.  It looks interesting.  I am horrified at my waist size (that is what they base things on) and my Real Age.  But horrified is good.  Maybe it will spur some positive action on my part.  My BP is still doing well.




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