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About Today June 23, 2008

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Today, Rob had tennis.  After that I asked Terri and Jeff to go out to eat at Buffalo Wild Wings and we did.  It was nice to actually just sit and visit with her rather than our usual harried dropping off/picking up deal.  She took the kids to the pool while I ran errands (although I found out later that she ran errands first too, so, I don’t feel too bad). 

One of my errands was a trip to CVS to drop off a prescription and pick up some things on sale and/or things we needed.  I spent alot but this is what I got:

  1. 1 Cascade   $2.99 (used .25 off coupon)
  2. 2 J&J Baby Shampoo $2.50 each (used 2 $1.00 off coupons)
  3. 1 Heinz Ketchup (brand loyal) $2.00
  4. 1 Miracle Whip (brand loyal) $2.00
  5. 2 packs Duracell batteries AA $5.29 each for 8 (used 2 $1.00 off coupons)
  6. 1 8 roll Bounty Basic paper towels $5.49
  7. 1 12 roll double ply Carmin TP $5.99 (.25 coupon)
  8. 1 Reach floss refill $4.99
  9. CVS brand Zyrtec 60 count $13.19
  10. CVS alcohol $1.69
  11. Used a $3.00 off CVS coupon
  12. and a $10.00 off purchase over $50.00 coupon that I got for buying 5 Kerasal foot creams that I just now noticed they charged me $10.00 too much for so I’ll be fixing that tomorrow when I go get the prescription I dropped off
  13. Cash out of pocket $86.04 (yes that is alot, however all of that I would have purchased anyway and they should owe me $10.00 for the Kerasal and I still have a $10.00 EB

Then I went to Hen House and purchased my Eggland Eggs, Fiber One Honey Cluster cereal, generic saltines and 4 bottles of Diet Rite. 

I drove home, called Mom about Terri’s neighbors parents, we visited about Cassidy, Pam and Kathleen.  Then I drove to the pool where we sat and watched the boys play until 5:00 p.m. 

Steve is coming over tonight and I have encourage Greg to take Rob and he out to eat for Steve’s birthday.  I will got to Borders because I have a coupon burning a hole in my pocket.  I will take my list of books I want to read so I get something I want rather than just picking up any ole thing.

I still need to move laundry around, empty the dishwasher and put away my purchases from today but it has been a fairly good day.


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