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Rob Reading to Me June 20, 2008

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We’ve been keeping a book in the van so that when we are out and about, Rob can read to me.  The idea behind this is to instill a love of reading, share with him, keep his reading skills up, stop him from constantly playing the DS and earning him some books.  We are doing the Half Price Book Store program as well as the Barnes and Noble program this summer.  We spent about an hour at Half Price Books the other day.  I found a Shakespere for Kids but for $1.00 and a Half Magic book for $1.00 as well as Drawing with your Chidren for $6.98 plus some travel guides from National Geographic and Fodors.  DH wants me to plan a vacation.  I love books.  I do not have enough bookshelves in my home.  This is a problem.


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