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A New Place for our Mother Mary June 14, 2008

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 Our Lady

Today we worked in the yard.  That is what DH wanted to do for Father’s Day.  We trimmed trees, mulched the front and side flower beds and mowed the lawn.  We also tried to figure out a better place to put our Mary statute.  We have a hedge row along the back side of our yard and we had her nestled in a nook back there; however we weren’t able to get any flowers to grow back there.  As we were walking through the yard discussing where to put her I mentioned to DH how nice it was to sit with the Sacred Heart of Jesus figure at church after mass on Friday; both DS and I really enjoyed it.  It then occured to me if we moved two of our metal chairs off our tiny patio we could rearrange where we put the table, move the two rose pots into the far corner and nestle Mary in front of those.  Then by putting two metal patio chairs and the old round patio table next to the house we would have perfect place to sit with Mary every day.  We can still see her from the kitchen and family room window so it works out great!


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