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Fun With Grandpa and Grandma June 6, 2008

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Today Rob and I are being treated to a trip to see Walking With The Dinosaurs at Sprint Arena.  We are both

excited to see the show, the arena (it is new) and my parents. 

We had a great time; the day was beautiful, the arena was grand, lots of families out and about in the Power and Light district.  The show was quite something; I don’t even know how to explain it.  My mom was impressed with how DS knew about dinosaurs.  Ever the loyal to his favorites boy, he chose a brachio as the stuffed animal he wanted.  He also got a t-shirt.  I am going to link to an article about the show; it is not from my local area but it describes well what the experience is.   Okay, the link doesn’t work but if you google walking the the dinosaurs experience then go to page four, it is the first one.

The show is expensive although I would suggest if you are going to go see it, get the most expensive tickets you can afford.  We can’t afford a vacation this year due to gas prices and DH new and rather unstable employment so this was our vacation in part.  I’m sure many people are going to do as we did and stay local, taking advantage of what is going on in and around their neck of the woods.


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