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Things I Learned Today June 3, 2008

Filed under: DH,Family — alwayswithme @ 3:50 am
  1. Asking Greg what I thought to be a simple question right before he went to bed is not a good thing.
  2. I love the green HYVEE bags
  3. I need to shop with a grocery list
  4. I need to get my coupons better organized
  5. I need a price list
  6. I can’t imagine being Jon and Kate
  7. How good it feels to please Rob
  8. That doing a cleaning activity for 10 minutes with Rob twice a day will be a productive thing
  9. Army Wives starts on Sunday night
  10. I have to be careful at CVS
  11. I need to be more settled to do any devotion
  12. I need to check into Beth Moore books – been hearing about her a lot lately
  13. I need to exercise early to get it into my day

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