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Reflections on readings June 3, 2008

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Today I read a bit about St. John XXIII the part that struck me the most was his writing as a young man that we should follow the examples of saints and adapt their holy virtues as need be into our own lifes not so that we should be like them but so that we should be our best us.  Great advice for me to always be seeking ways to be more holy.

Luke 2:41-51 I did not know that Mary and Joseph were apart from Jesus for 3 days when Jesus stayed behind in Jeruselem after the Passover festival.  So very interesting.

Reflection on the Regnum reading that followed says that if we can’t find God in our lives it may be because we have abandoned him – he certainly has not abandoned us.  How true.  This explains why many times things feel off to me; not quite right.  I can say with complete confidence that it is because I haven’t been spending time with the Lord.

To God Be the Glory


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