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Rough Day June 2, 2008

Filed under: DS, The Younger — alwayswithme @ 11:30 pm

DS woke up moody.  Neither he nor I are sleeping well so that is part of it.  Pollen count is up today as well.


  1. did tennis lesson
  2. signed up for pool pass, community center doesn’t have a walking track so we didn’t sign up for that
  3. worked on our summer list of things to do
  4. practiced cursive
  5. read Magic Treehouse
  6. Julie did PT
  7. Rob played at Jeffs
  8. I grocery shopped
  9. Talked to Beth, Mom, Pam, Terri and Greg
  10. Made chili, chicken noodle soup for dinner
  11. Talked to Greg and Matt
  12. Started price book using HyVee ad
  13. Signed Rob up for KidZui and us for local e-newspaper
  14. Read Matthew
  15. Made Greg mad
  16. Mopped kitchen and family floor



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