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Homemaker Barbi June 1, 2008

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Homemaker Barbi is a blog I read from time to time.  She has some good frugal ideas, some good links to freebies and other interesting things.  She posted today I believe an entry about walking around your home to see what frugal things you are currently doing to give yourself some credit for it and I think also to spur your mind in what other frugal things could I be doing.

1.  I remember most times to take my green bags to the stores – I am loving doing this.  I hated those plastic bags and I am amazed at how much trash I am no longer bringing into the house.

2.  I am using recycled glass jars for storing leftovers in, drinking water in etc.  Plastic is being as banished from this house as can be.

3.  We are moving from subscribing to the paper version to the E-version.  This means no more paper for the school recycling container but it also means no clutter in the house while we are waiting to finish reading the paper and no clippings from saved pages of the newspaper (gonna have to enter things in my calendar right at the moment I see them).

4.  I accepted friends offer of some gladious blubs to plant along the south side of our home.

5.  I am staying home more and not shopping just to get out of the house. 


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