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Working With My DH May 25, 2008

Filed under: Family — alwayswithme @ 12:59 am

Today I went to DH office after swim lessons.  We ate lunch then I helped him file in his office.  It looked much better when I left.  He thinks if I do that two or three more times we will have it licked.  I hope so.  I got to see his second office today.  The view is nicer and so is the furniture but the available filing area is much.  Hopefully he won’t need to keep much paper.  His desk was a mess. 

We prayed that God would help us know what to do about the job situation.  It appears he may be in consideration for two positions, both out of town.   What a mess.  We must listen closely to God.

I did tell DH to get a second motorcycle – we can always sell it when the first one is back together.  He really needs the outlet, it has been four years, but I have to say that it does scare me.  I told him he absolutely could not drive on the Interstate and he absolutely could not have another wreck.  Peace be with me Lord.


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