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This I Love May 25, 2008

Filed under: DH,DS, The Younger,Family — alwayswithme @ 1:21 am

Working on the computer while listening to the conversations my DH and DS are having while watching Bullitt on television boy can DS ask questions and can DH say “I don’t know” over and over.  I love glancing over every once in a while to see them sitting so close together.  DS loves his daddy so much and bonding over movies like this or NASCAR races or history channel stuff is the greatest. 

I wish I would have started counting questions asked at the time I started this entry.  I bet we’ve had 20.  DH is anxiously awaiting the chase scene.  DS has no clue what daddy is talking about.  I wonder if he’ll be as impressed as daddy seems to be. 

DH is now answering some questions with something other than “I don’t know”.  I do believe the scene is beginning.  DS just noticed the 3rd hubcap came off.  Motorcycle crash with random act of kindness by passing motorist while McQueen waits to make sure everything is okay.  All good and they are off.  More questions, some answers.  Eyes are covered for the shooting scene.  There go the bad guys.  What a scene.  They don’t make ’em like that anymore. 

I just found out that DH had never seen that scene before!!!   Where the heck has he been?  Know wonder he kept saying “I don’t know”!  He really didn’t.  Every day you learn something new don’t you?


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