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What I Learned Today (so far) May 23, 2008

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I’ve been running around the internet for the past hour and picked up the following ideas/information/etc.

  • doesn’t look like it will work on WordPress
  • try using windex to clean the laminate floor
  • everyone seems happy David Cook won – as am I
  • there are alot of happy homeschooling moms out there
  • someone else likes to use glass for storing leftovers in and they use them for their pantry items which I just started yesterday!
  • there are alot of christian women blogging – love it
  • Ace Hardware is having what looks to be a good sale from the 23rd to the 26th – may have to go
  • the Reach flosser I ust bought an use is now available as a sample
  • another plug for using washclothes as napkins
  • more people are using cloth bags but I think I’m happier about it that they are; I didn’t realize how much I did not like those stupid plastic bags
  • a lot of folks seem to have homemaking binders; that just never seemed to work for me
  • I am going to start using a chore chart for Rob and I this summer with duties we can do together for each room
  • and finally, not everybody’s homes are picture perfect; I love the people who post real (before they clean up photos); that being said, I also love those picture perfect shots.



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