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To Get Done May 23, 2008

Filed under: Family — alwayswithme @ 5:18 pm
  1. Write letters
  2. Bake chicken, then shred it DONE
  3. Get haircut DONE
  4. Finish laundry
  5. Get wedding gift together  DONE
  6. Go to CVS – use coupons to get canned meat DECIDED NOT TOO
  7. Divide out nuts, crackers, chips as snacks
  8. Look for more large glass jars  DONE
  9. Find out if I can have music played on my blog
  10. Sweep floors
  11. Mop floors
  12. Return WalMart things  DONE
  13. Look at sheets and washclothes at WalMart
  14. Clean out tool drawers, combine into one and use the other one for something else
  15. Start making room chore list
  16. Keep making list of summer things to do
  17. God time – should have been first
  18. Get to reconciliation on Saturday
  19. Make back area of playroom a reading nook
  20. Make back area of family room an office area

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