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Mother’s Day May 11, 2008

Filed under: DS, The Older,DS, The Younger,Family — alwayswithme @ 7:40 pm

I have had a great time today so far.  I got a card from Matt that was so funny and he wrote a sweet message on it.  Rob has made it Mother’s Day weekend so I’ve been loved up one side and down the other.  Greg and Rob bought flowers for our garden which we will be planting here shortly.  Greg is such a great gardender.  We hope to take a walk late this afternoon and then will grill steaks out for dinner.  I’ve just been reading the paper, establishing my book list on the website I mentioned in a previous entry – the name escapes me right now.  I called my mom.  She was on the way home from visiting my brother.  I wished her a happy day and she did to me.  I could tell she was glad that I called.  I also just talked to my sister and Tyler did call her so all is well.  She sounded great.  She walked in the Mother’s Day walk here locally and enjoyed that and is going to go out and look for flowers so she will be fine.  I’m still thinking of running back home tomorrow to take my mom and other sister out for lunch.   I wish  a Happy Mother’s Day to mother’s everywhere.


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