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This Summer May 9, 2008

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School will soon be out.  I plan to make sure that we have some structure to our days lest they will slip away from us.  We will be:

  1. going swimming at the community pool
  2. doing the Barnes and Noble summer reading program
  3. establish some cleaning procedures
  4. redo the toyroom
  5. set up a family library
  6. play basketball
  7. practice tennis
  8. rearrange the placement of EVERYTHING in the kitchen (my husband will hate this my son will love it)
  9. make some lapbooks – wasps, orcas, cvsing, Spanish, travel, Legoland, music
  10. go to movies
  11. play games
  12. go visit mom, dad and Susan
  13. Rob would like to go to the Grand Canyon
  14. Move Nancy Drew books to kitchen
  15. walk on treadmill and listen to books on tape
  16. make up emergency backpacks
  17. go to Adoration
  18. go to Mass one additional time each week
  19. clean toyroom
  20. clean bedroom
  21. quilt
  22. crochet
  23. Homeschool – cursive, reading, writing, math, lapbooking, history, geography
  24. figure out our meal plan system
  25. give toys to the poor
  26. plant flowers
  27. bike
  28. buy stainless steel water bottles

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