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Bewildered May 9, 2008

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My nephew will soon be getting married, the first to do so, our family makeup is a bit odd in it’s development and we fear that the brides family does not know about us.  Obviously, this is making everyone a bit tense about what to expect at the wedding.  We are his only family besides an aunt from his birth family so when we all come traipsing down the aisle saying we are grooms family we are hoping that there is a spot saved for us.  Our nephew is a good kid – man (he just turned 22) but he is an airhead.  We think he probably thinks since he knows who we are, everyone else will too but it doesn’t work that way.  When I met the brides mother at a shower I went to that I wasn’t invited to (my sister asked me to come with her), I introduced myself to her and she asked if we had met before.  I told her that that was the other aunt (the one from the birth family) and she said “oh, then I don’t know about you” and walked off.  I was flabbergasted. 

We hope and pray that the wedding goes off exactly as nephew wants it to and that the couple lives a long, happy and fruitful life together, however we are bewildered.  I know I will need to journal about this further so, more later. . .


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