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Things to do as a Family May 2, 2008

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Rob has been greatly interested recently in doing “something as a family”.   This is so sweet and means to me that he is tired of video games.  Yes!  As summer approaches I told him that he and I would get together and make a list of things to do as a family. 

We had bad, bad weather all around us last night.  80 mph winds in m-i-l land.  Haven’t yet heard how all the family over there made out.  Anyway, Rob was talking about what Gary Leizac, a local weather guy, told his school about tornados when he visited a couple of years ago.  That visit really made an impression on Rob as he speaks of it often.  One of the things Rob asked was if we had all of our things together in the basement if we needed to go down there.   I have to sheepishly admit that no we don’t.  Oh, there are things down there but not much of it would be in the category of “things I would really want to have if we had an emergency”.  So. . .first on the list will be:

1.    Make up an emergency kit for the basement.

2.    Browse in the library.

3.    Rent a movie from the library.

4.    Plan a themed dinner.

5.    Picnic in the park and bring a frisbee.

6.    Have dad read to us.

7.    Be tourist in our town.

8.    Work puzzles.

9.    Play games

10.  Shoot hoops


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