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Memory March 6, 2008

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Make a list, to remember it make words (METS – milk, eggs, tomatoes, soda)

Remember a word or something on the tip of your tongue – go through the ABC’s

To memorize:  read it, type it, say it, hear it



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Beautitudes Display like Sharons if possible

More blue stuff for kitchen

Bench for kitchen entry

Whale latchhook from Michaels

Queen size Pump Up Bed

Wool Blanket


More Books

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Beyond The Birds and The Bees by B Engel

It’s Perfectly Normal by R. Harris

Raising a Child Conservatively by Sol Gordon

Raising Boys by Elizabeth Hartley Brewer

Bird by Bird by Anne Lamont

Secret Life of Bees

New Rules of Lifting for Women

Liturgy of the Hours

Collegeville or similar books about the Bible

Jesse and I have been reading Ten P’s in a Pod and we have been so inspired (I HIGHLY recommend this book

Catholicism and Society: Marriage, Family, and Social Issues



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Beans lower cholesterol better than oatmeal.  Aim for 1/2 cup daily.

From Dr. Ornish


Important health numbers

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4 Lifesaving numbers

Blood Pressure – 115/75

Cholesterol HDL greater than 40 and LDL less than 100

Blood Sugar uner 100

Waist Measurement at belly button should be 1/2 your height  5′ 6″ = 33″

From Dr. Oz


Food labels

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If a label has high fructose corn syrup, more than 9 grams of sugar, enriched wheat flour or partially hydrogenated oils in the first 4 ingredients listed, that food has little nutritional value.

Kiersten Firquain Chef K In Home Bistro