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Want to read these September 3, 2007

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The Boelyn Inheritance by P. Gregory

The Six Wives of Henry VIII by D. Starkey

Ruined by Reading:  A Life in Books by L. Schwartz

How Reading Changed My Life by A. Quindlens

So Many Books So Little Time by S. Nelson

Reading Life and Books for the Ages by S. Birkerts


From Agatha Christies character Hercule Poirot in The ABC Murders

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“Maemoiselle. . .what  you do not see and what I do not see would probably fill a volume.  But all of that is of no practical importance.”


Vacation Information

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Rob burst into the room all sweaty, clearly happy and began stripping off his clothes telling me that he was going swimming — a statement of fact.  No ifs, ands or maybes about it.  He had his suit out and on in a matter of seconds.   I had asked him prior to leaving for the trail ride to remember to find out the horses names.  He told me during all the stirpping of clothing furry (pants and boxers pulled off inside out as if one) that he rode Pumpkin and dad rode Cheyenne.  They saw lots of deer walking, running and lying in the grass and a rabbit, and a longhorn steer.  The ride was obviously a success.  Rob knows how to enjoy life. 

 Apparently at the beginning of the ride the guides told the riders (7 in all) how to stop, turn right, turn left and back up.  Rob had one questions, “how to mke them go”.  Love it!

After the ride they had s’mores, a first for Rob.  He didn’t care for them but Greg loved them.  I am grateful Greg was willing to take him on the ride as it was expensive but I believe worth it.


The obvious

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My Lord

My husband

My children

My parents

My siblings and their families

My country

My home