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The Great Sand Dunes National Park September 3, 2007

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It was a 30 square mile dunefield that is simply amazing to see and was a wonderful achievement to walk up (and then back down)

Rob hike the farthest climbing probably 30 to 40 fee beyond Greg who was at an angle of probably 60 degrees 600 feet high.  Amazing.   The peak I climbed to was approximately 550 feet high.  I then climbed part way towards Greg and Rob and met them.  We then descended – Rob in the lead of course.  When we were nearly down to the creekbed, a sandstorm kicked up pelting us with lots and lots of tiny sand pebbles which hurt like heck.  As we got into the dry creek bed the wind died down.  The weather was great, pretty pleasant temperatures and some cloud cover.

The title for the scrapbook page I will do on this has to be “If I was you guys, I’d follow me” because that was what Rob said on the way back down as Greg and I were discussing the best route back.   We did as he said and followed him down.

A description of The Great Sand Dunes and the Sangre deCristo Mountains from some tourist information “here you experience the quiet beauty of a walk on the dunes.”


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