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Yes it is August 22, 2007

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‘being micromanaged is demoralizing”


Yogurt Parfait

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Layer yogurt, granola and strawberries in a glass or bowl.



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Whole oatmeal – not the minute kind, honey, oil, almonds, sweetened coconut.  Stir all together.  Spread on a tray and bake in medium oven until browned.  Stir periodically.  You can add dried fruit to it after it cools.


Breakfast Burrito

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Cream Cheese, walnuts, cinnamon, brown sugar – combine.

Spread on a tortilla add sliced apples and nuke for 30 seconds.

 Sounds good


Dry Shampoo

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Klorane-$16.00  800-793-5433


Pie Chart Your Upsets

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I read somewhere recently an idea that I thought would be useful to me since I find myself frequently getting overwhelmed with life.   The article suggested putting your problems down on paper in a piechart format.  This way you are able to actually see which problems are major ones and which ones in the grand scheme are just minor annoyances.  If I do this and then put the minor ones in my First Things First agenda I bet that I can whittle that chart down to just the major things and life will not seem so unbalanced at times.   Just a thought!


Shower, Oven, Windows, Napkins and Shoes

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  1. Clean your glass shower door than apply Rain X to it!
  2. Put 1/2 cup ammonia in a cold oven, leave it in overnight then wipe down in the morning!
  3. Put an open baking soda box in your enclosed shoe closet to absorb odors.
  4. Stuck window – spray it with silicone spray.
  5. Use office binder clips to keep cloth napkins together as a set

Websites to check out

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Tags:,,,,,, (heart rate monitor), (10 Minute Solution Fitness Ball Workout), (auto tray table),,,, (polka dot tote), – directs you to local resources by zip code – find out wich benefits your parents are eligible for – check for any government benefits – medicaid/medicare info – get referrals for professionals – $50.00 a month electronic transfer to TD Ameritrade (do it for 12 consecutive months and you get $100.00 from TD Ameritrade – has some books and CD’s that might worth checking into relatng to weight issues – books to download for a fee – monthly web magazine and daily blog dedicated to those who love to read


More titles to investigate

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Confessions of a Former Fat Girl by Lisa Delany

The Life Organizer by J. Lauden

It’s All Too Much by P. Walsh

Shrink Yourself. . .End to Emotional Eating by R. Gould


River of Doubt

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I am currently reading River of Doubt by Candice Millard for my September book club.  After several attempts to get it started, I have finally gotten into it.   The thing I enjoy about this book club (which I found through my church) is that I am reading books I would never have read before and am loving them!  What a joy and for some reason it makes me feel grown up.