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When Moving August 23, 2007

Filed under: Household — alwayswithme @ 2:54 am

Does Homeowners Insurance cover your stuff when you are moving?

Clean the frig and leave a box of baking soda in it.

Give someone your travel route.

Double check drawers, cupboards and closets.

When at new location renew drivers license, auto registration, tags, get auto insurance, locate hospitals, Catholic church, police and fire stations.

Fill out change of address order a month in advance.

Fill out IRS change of address.

Transfer church memberships.

Have appliances serviced for move (1 to 2 weeks in advance)

To pack purchase boxes, marking pens, bubble wrap, tissue paper, tape, scissors.

Label all sides of boxes (AA – Open First), (A – will need in first week), Color coordinate boxes for each room

Inventory boxes – copy in a file, copy in the box (for insurance purposes)


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