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First Things First August 22, 2007

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Yesterday the Holy Spirit led me to a weblog that had an entry in it about getting the big things done first so that the things that then need to be done and that you want to get done can be done.   I will try to link to that entry when I figure out how to do that.   The blogger indicated that the idea for this came for a book by Steven Covey entitled First Things First.   I have certainly heard of that book and will look for it when I go to the Half Price Book Store.  I also intend to reread her post several times to absorb what it says.

 My initial ideas for myself in First Things First are as follows (subject to change as the Holy Spirit leads me in my discernment)

  1. Time spent prayer, Bible reading, reading of a spiritual nature and listening to the Holy Spirit.
  2. Time spent in exercise to get this body into a shape I can be proud of.
  3. Time spent with my family, preparing meals, sharing our day, helping with homework and spiritual development and having fun.
  4. Time spent in employment.
  5. Time spent nurturing friendships.
  6. Time spent reading for pleasure.
  7. Time spent being creative.
  8. Time spent with my extended family.
  9. Time spent in homemaking.

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