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What Rob wants August 21, 2007

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Shortly before his birthday and then again before Christmas, Rob and I go out to a few different stores and he gives me ideas of what he wants.   I used to love to do this but when I was young, I did it through the Christmas Wish Book.  I don’t remember my parents ever asking me what I wanted and I think I only did this because it was fun but I knew that when I had kids that wishing was a way to get excited about what might come so I did it with Matt and now with Rob.

  1.  Playstation 2 – StarWars Battlefront $19.99 – need to check rating
  2. PC Windows Game Zoo Tycoon 2 – $19.99
  3. Hot Wheels Dodge Ram 1500 – 2007 Model
  4. Hot Wheels Blast Lane – 2007 All Stars
  5. John Deere Big Equipment Grand Equipment
  6. All Stars Maistro Elite Gransport
  7. Corvette S-1 R/C (Sport One – Yellow)
  8. Lego # 7659,  # 7661, #7662 (Star Wars)
  9. Lego Racers #8134 Night Crusher

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